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Unveiling the Power of Performance Insight: Client Testimonials on the Value of their Experiences

​"I was injured by a line drive back to the mound. After that, I couldn't pitch. I would lock up and walked most batters. After meeting with Coach Scott I was able to regain my confidence and I went from 2-3 strikeouts/game to averaging above 10 Ks/game. I just pitched a 10-0 shutout. I am better than before my injury. Thank you!"
Division I
Softball Pitcher
"I am confident again. He has taught me exercises to keep my anxiety down. Since working with Coach Scott I got a short run personal best that I once thought I could never beat. I landed a full scholarship worth $183,000 and am going to the New Balance Nationals in NY because of how well I am jumping now. Thank you so much. You're the best!"
Division I
Pole Vaulter
"Coach Scott "helped me to develop mental fortitude/strength, patience, and present-minded focus. After our work together, I received a college golf scholarship ($3000/year), lowered my stroke average, and had multiple personal best tournament scores."
Division II
Male Collegiate Golfer
​"I wanted to let you know I had my audition yesterday for the President's Own Marine Band and I won! I've been doubling down on staying in the present:​ In fact, the audition conditions were as adverse as I've encountered in quite some time, and my first round didn't even go particularly well, but in the last two rounds I really was able to let go and it made all the difference. I barely felt like I was doing anything at all! The hesitation issue showed up twice, but only when I was warming up and not at all in the actual audition. I was able to relax knowing it wasn't going to be a problem and it wasn't Thank you! "
Professional Trumpet Player
Sympony Member
"I have learned how to function in the present. Instead of falling into "what if.." or "yeah but.." thinking I can direct my focus and action back into the present. After experiencing panic attacks while on a new horse I met with Scott and can now get on any horse and focus on the skill set, experience and abilities I possess. I am looking forward to a new show season. Thank you!"
National Arabian
Horse Show Rider
"Thank you Dr. Scott for believing in me. I have learned to control my anxiety and developed needed confidence."
High School Baseball
"Hi Scott, Thanks again for speaking. Your talk was amazing !!! the most interesting and informative of the entire symposium. I hope that you will agree to speak again next year. I would love any feedback that you may have."
Orthopedic Surgeon, MD
Trident Sports Symposium