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Sports Psychology Charleston

Making Goals A Reality

Who we are

Sports Psychologist Charleston SC

Performance Insight of Charleston, South Carolina is a performance and sport psychology practice that focuses on improving mental performance in competition. Dr. Scott Dreyer is a licensed clinical psychologist and ICF certified coach. Associates are all Certified Mental Performance Consultants trained in scientifically-valid tools and approaches.

Sports Psychologist Charleston SC
Sports Psychologist Charleston SC

What do we do?

Developing the mental and psychological components of performance
To be successful in your sport or profession, extensive physical and technical preparation and training is required. However, to be truly competitive and perform at the highest level, athletes and performing artists need to address the mental side of the game. Performance Insight specializes in developing the mental and psychological components of performance. We also provide executive coaching, life coaching, emotionally focused therapy, mental health services, and mental training.

How do we do it

Performance Insight uses a number of scientifically-validated methods to maximize performance. These include cognitive-behavioral techniques, imagery, visualization, positive self-talk, goal setting, resilience training, and mindfulness. Services are provided in-person, via video, over the phone or even with chat/text. We want to provide you with the power of a fulfilling life by overcoming sports life challenges.
At Performance Insight, we conduct a free consult to determine if the athlete or performing artist is a good fit for sport psychology and mental training. From there, we design an individualized mental training program to improve confidence, lower anxiety, and maximize present-oriented focus. We also help clients recover from injury, get over slumps, and eliminate the yips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most every athlete and performing artist can benefit from performance coaching and mental training. We work with individuals at every level of experience and accomplishment. This includes; primary grade school, high school, collegiate, semi-professional and professional levels. Ages range from 12- 90+.

Yes :)… We are all unique human-beings. Therefore, when it comes to maximizing performance, each individual will require a unique approach or customized skills. Some need a positive mindset or present-oriented focus. Other’s need to manage their nerves and emotions. Still others have to develop consistent habits. Based on your needs, our performance consultants will tailor the intervention to meet you where you’re at. We will have you complete paperwork, hold an initial evaluation and potentially complete some assessments.

We also offer group services and classes for teams. All too often, a team is struggling with it’s overall performance. Morale might be low. Maybe there is too much negativity? Confidence might have dropped? Or, the team wants to know how to become elite. They want to know what kind of behaviors, attitudes, and habits are necessary to perform at the highest level. Also, team-building services are often requested by coaches. Performance Insight can help. We have worked with softball, baseball, soccer, hockey, sailing, and golf teams.

Naturally, results vary. Improved performance is directly correlated with how much an individual practices the tools and techniques. Those that commit to mental training simply get more benefit. Think of it like physical practice – the more the better. Below you can find some actual client testimonials and experiences.

“I was injured by a line drive back to the mound. After that, I couldn’t pitch. I would lock up and walked most batters. After meeting with Coach Scott I was able to regain my confidence and I went from 2-3 strikeouts/game to averaging above 10 Ks/game. I just pitched a 10-0 shutout. I am better than before my injury. Thank you!” – Division I Softball Pitcher Charleston, South Carolina

“I wanted to let you know I had my audition yesterday for the President’s Own Marine Band and I won! I’ve been doubling down on staying in the present:​ In fact, the audition conditions were as adverse as I’ve encountered in quite some time, and my first round didn’t even go particularly well, but in the last two rounds I really was able to let go and it made all the difference. I barely felt like I was doing anything at all! The hesitation issue showed up twice, but only when I was warming up and not at all in the actual audition. I was able to relax knowing it wasn’t going to be a problem and it wasn’t Thank you! “ -Professional Trumpet Player – Symphony Member Charleston, South Carolina

All of our sessions are confidential. Your information is private and protected. We adhere to HIPAA compliance standards. If you want your coach, mentor, medical doctor, or other professional you work with to have access to information and receive recommendations from our consultants, you simply have to provide written authorization. Otherwise, everything ‘stays in the room.’

  • Performance Anxiety – nerves & worry
  • Transitions – new teams or competition levels
  • Slumps & ‘Yips’
  • Confidence Issues
  • Anger/Emotion Managment
  • Burnout
  • Focus Issues
  • Choking
  • Quitting
  • Perfectionism

This can vary based on need. To notice a significant improvement, you will want to commit to six sessions and complete the recommended homework. In the beginning, a typical athlete or performing artist will work with a consultant weekly or biweekly. Frequency of sessions will often reduce as improvement and momentum are gained. You get to set the schedule.

Many clients work with Performance Insight over the full course of their sport or professional careers. They might not meet each week or every month. However, they often reach out for session(s) prior to a competitive event or when they notice a slump.

Working with a doctoral-level licensed clinical psychologist like Scott Dreyer, Psy.D., ACC, licensed professional counselor, typically costs $185-$200/hour. Working with a masters-level Certified Mental Performance Consultant typically costs $135-$150/hour. However, volume packages can be purchased to reduce the cost per therapy sessions. Also, 30-minute sessions are offered after an athlete/performing artist has made progress and wants some more efficiency that a licensed professional counselor can bring through the therapy process.

Dr. Scott Dreyer is a licensed professional counselor (psycologist), understanding and capable of treating clinical conditions. Consequently, a number of clientele choose to leverage their insurance to treat underlying mental health issues. If you qualify, you would simply pay Performance Insight upfront and then submit a paid invoice to your insurance company. The insurance provider typically reimburses whatever is covered for an ‘out-of network psychologist’.


Your deductible would have to be met. Please be aware that you will have to complete clinical intake paperwork and receive a DSM V mental health diagnosis.

In addition to significant improvement in your particular need area (i.e. anxiety, confidence, emotion management, focus, resilience, self-esteem, coping skills, competitive play, etc.), you will have access to all of our tools and resources. For example, you might want hard or soft copies of a breathing technique. Or, you might want a visualization/imagery recording to use at home.


These are included. Also, your individual consultant will be available to you when you need him/her. We like to provide free ‘spot-coaching’ for our committed clients. Such spot-coaching is often used when a client is at a tournament or competitive event. It is tremendously empowering to text or call your consultant to either get in the right ‘head space’ prior to competing or debrief after an event.

1) Are you feeling stuck in your sports daily life? Try one of our visualization/imagery digital products (see below)….Visualization has been scientifically-validated to improve actual performance. These recordings include a full relaxation experience and then gently guide the listener to visualize their optimal performance

2) Search Amazon for a sport or performance psychology book that fits your specific needs. Some general recommendations include: A) Confident, Calm & Clutch: How to Build Confidence and Mental Toughness for Young Athletes by Valerie Alston; B)The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train and Thrive by Jim Afremow

Dr. Scott Dreyer and his Certified Mental Performance Consultants are available to answer any questions you might have. Simply text or call 843-367-1014. Your message will be read and responded to within 24-48 hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Performance Insight operates two local offices. However, we are available via secure video and teleconferencing modalities. Thus, we are able to work with you wherever you might live or compete. Technology has connected us with clientele all over the world, from Charleston SC to Dubai!.  Our doctors’ therapy office is available online for sports behavior, emotional resilience building, and psychological education.  We provide a safe place with a counselor for your treatment; from a traditional medical therapy office to online private therapeutic support.