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Mastering the
Mental Game

Making Goals A Reality

Enhance Performance

Performance psychology and mental training equips individuals with techniques to enhance their performance by addressing psychological factors that can impact their outcomes.

Build Resilience

Mental training helps athletes and performing artists build resilience by teaching them how to bounce back from setbacks/slumps, stay focused in challenging circumstances, and maintain a positive mindset.


Performance psychology also extends its reach to team dynamics and communication. It helps athletes develop effective communication skills, to improve coach, parent, and team cohesion.

​Performance Insight

Our Mission

Empowering Clients through Direct, Co-Active, and Compassionate Coaching for Lasting Success

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Scott A. Dreyer, Psy.D.

Dr. Scott A. Dreyer is the Executive Director of Performance Insight LLC in Charleston, SC. He has been providing voluntary & professional performance enhancement services for individuals, teams, and organizations for the past 23 years. He utilizes cutting-edge technology and research to enhance personal and organizational performance. Coach Scott specializes in performance coaching, personal development, career coaching/consultation, talent management, and life balance.

Unleashing Champions

The Power of Psychology and Mental Training

Discover the transformative impact of performance psychology as it unlocks the full potential of athletes, musicians, singers, and artists enabling them to rise as champions in their respective fields. From optimizing mental fortitude to honing focus and resilience, this powerful discipline revolutionizes athletic performance and propels athletes towards unparalleled success.

Visualizing Success

Harnessing the Power of Imagery, Visualization, and Meditation for Peak Performance.

Imagery, visualization, and meditation form a powerful trifecta that can elevate performance to new heights. By harnessing the mind’s ability to create vivid mental images, athletes can enhance their focus, build confidence, and mentally rehearse success, ultimately translating these mental exercises into tangible achievements on the field or court.