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At Performance Insight, we know what it takes to be successful. Our W.I.N. approach helps you to ‘get out of your head’ and focus on what matters most. It’s time to take your game to the next level!  

Unleashing Champions

Discover the transformative impact of performance psychology as it unlocks the full potential of athletes, musicians, singers, and artists, enabling them to rise as champions in their respective fields. From optimizing mental fortitude to honing focus and resilience, this powerful discipline revolutionizes athletic performance and propels athletes toward unparalleled success

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Mental performance training consists of scientifically validated techniques that optimize success. When regularly practiced and applied, these tools work for most every athlete and performance professional. At Performance Insight, we customize our services and training to meet your specific needs. If you are interested in how we might help you and your unique needs, click the button below. We look forward to speaking with you!

On this week’s episode Hannah sits down with Dr. Scott Dreyer, a Performance & Sports Coach and Licensed Clinical Psychologist, to discuss the mental and physical challenges that athletes face, including burnout, performance anxiety, the yips, perfectionism, and dealing with injuries. Whether you’re a youth athlete, a parent, coach, or part of an athlete’s care team, you’re definitely going to gain valuable insights from this conversation. Dr. Dreyer also shares advice on how parents and coaches can recognize early signs of these challenges and create a healthy environment to support their athletes’ well-being.