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Sport and Performance Passions & Experience

Coach Scott started playing sports competitively at the age of five . From elementary school to high school, he played on town, travel, and school soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, and track and field teams. He eventually lettered in soccer. At the age of 12, Coach Scott took up the game of golf and ‘caught the bug.’ He was the #2 man on the varsity golf team and went undefeated his senior year. During this time, he also caddied for hundreds of amateurs and professionals at various country clubs and local tournaments. While most competitive sports ended after high school, Coach Scott walked onto the varsity Lehigh University Men’s Golf team and played collegiately.

Musically, Coach Scott played clarinet from elementary through high school. He learned alto and baritone saxophone in middle school. His high school years consisted of playing all three instruments plus the bass clarinet in the Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Marching Band, and Orchestra. He no longer actively plays but continues to catch the symphony when he can. His preferred musical genres include indie, jazz, blues, and rock.


Originally from Rockville Centre, NY, Dr. Dreyer obtained his BA in Behavioral Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology from Lehigh University, PA. Upon graduation, he went on to earn his M.S. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Kentucky. He received his doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Spalding University in Louisville, KY. His doctoral dissertation specialized in understanding personality and its connection to employee turnover. His internship was completed in Denver, CO and his post-doctoral training took place in Charleston, SC at the Medical University of South Carolina. Coach Scott is licensed as a psychologist by the state of South Carolina (2001). Thus, he is trained to utilize sport psychology interventions, cognitive behavioral techniques, anxiety management tools, hypnosis, visualization techniques, coaching, and assessments.

Coach Scott’s Coaching and Consulting Style:

  • Co-active, co-creative partnership between coach and client
  • Collaborative effort towards maximizing potential and performance
  • Focus in on the future and human potential
  • Use of humor / fun and compassion
  • Action and results oriented with accountability
  • Understanding the client’s desires, values, goals, and dreams
  • Discovering what it will take to achieve your goals and desired outcomes
  • Creating a plan and living by it
  • Exploratory and challenging questions to increase the likelihood for change

Dr. Dreyer’s coaching and development style is direct, co-active, personable & collaborative. He firmly believes in the use of both humor and compassion. It is understood that while Dr. Dreyer has an expertise in positive psychology, assessment, human behavior/motivation, and performance enhancement, his clients are responsible for their own development. They lead the process of growth. He focuses on increasing insight and motivation, removing barriers to success, developing realistic action plans and strengthening his clients to meet their performance, career and/or life goals. This results in realistic confidence, satisfaction, desired change, and success.